Sunday Surf – positive adoption language, body image, and more.


It has been a good weekend in the Monkey Butt household.  I picked up a BabyHawk carrier, and I’m really not sure how I lived without it.  Confession:  I wrote an ode to the BabyHawk.  Like, a little love poem.  I was inspired after my son, who had been a non-napping terror all day slept soundly in it for an hour and a half while I blissfully perused the bookstore.  I’ll publish my ode later this week. The BabyHawk is so easy to use – no confusing buckles or excessive straps – and it distributes Jack’s weight so well.  I haven’t braved a back carry with it yet but Jack loved the front carry.   This is now my very most favorite carrier.

Speaking of carriers, the daily deal site Zulily is offering Boba carriers for $59.99 (regular price: $100.00) through February 16, 2011.  While I have no experience with the Boba, it received some nice praise when discussed on an AP message board.

Positive adoption language (PDF):  A wonderful list of words that are sensitive to the special circumstances of adoptive families.  Too many of us speak without realizing the implications of our words – even simple things, like “is adopted” versus “was adopted” – I was reminded that adoption is only one day of that child’s life.  This list highlights some suggests for better language to use when speaking about a family who has adopted a child.

PdD in Parenting asks a damn good question:  Why always the mother?  It is an issue I’m particularly sensitive to, since we have a beautiful reversal of traditional family roles in our household.

I’m sure everyone has heard by now that the IRS’s announcement regarding the use of pre-tax flexible spending dollars for breast pumps and breastfeeding supplies.   How did it take this long for the IRS to reverse its position on this?

I’m going to give my newborn a tattoo.  Rockin’ Momma compares circumcision to tattooing a newborn – the comparison is actually pretty apt.  I wish I had done a lot more research on the topic prior to Jack’s birth.

On a happier note, the Natural Parents Network featured this gem on toddler and preschool activity bags.  As a family with many roads trips planned, I love the idea of an activity bag, and I do wish I knew of an organized activity bag exchange – I think that would be a lot of fun.

I don’t know how to feel about McDonalds execs launching a health food chain.  It sounds good, but I can’t get past the McDonald’s tie.

This fluffy piece on BlogHer about accepting your body is a sweet little read.

Have a good week, everyone.

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