Sunday Surf: Crafts, help with preschoolers, and a little humor.


What a day!  As I type this, it is Saturday night, and we are home after a full day at the State Fair.  We had all kinds of unhealthy, fun fair food, we got rained on, we walked miles and miles, and we had a fantastic time.  It was all a little too much for the toddler.

He never sleeps in his stroller anymore, but today was pretty epic, so he made an exception.

It has been awhile since we’ve Sunday Surfed around these parts, and this week has been full of good reading.

MaMammalia has these handy “refrigerator lists” of gentle parenting tips for addressing the challenges of toddlerhood in a mindful manner.

Are you thinking about fall yet?  Hard to do when the thermometer still says 80, but you know those changing leaves are right around the corner.  (Unless you are in California.  Go enjoy your beautiful mountains, picturesque beaches and perfect weather.  Fall colors are really a small consolation for the rest of the weather here).  How about this for a gorgeous fall craft:

Modge Podge + Autumn Leaves + Tea Light = Lantern

I found that on Pinterest.  Is there still anyone out there without a Pinterest account?  I have invites – leave me your email address and I will send you one.  Fall cooking/decorating/party planning is right around the corner, and Pinterest is going to be such an inspiration.

Are you familiar with Richard Scarry’s “The Best Word Book Ever?”  It is a great children’s illustrated vocabulary book which has been around forever.  This link has a very interesting side-by-side comparison of the 1963 version versus the 1991 version.  Lots of changes for politically correct reasons, along with some interesting updates.  The changing role of women is the most notable, although there are many other changes too.  I’m a little sad that they don’t show “cowboy” in the “when you grow up” section anymore.

Code Name: Mama has some wonderful advice (when doesn’t she?) about preschoolers and balancing potential frustrations with successes.  She always has great insight.

Making felt food seems to be a favorite passtime of about 2/3 of my Facebook feed, as I keep seeing lots of cute creations.  What’s felt food about?  Check out Child of the Nature Isle and her sweet felt sandwich, One Inch World and these gorgeous little felt tomato slices, and then there are graham crackers, pie, pizza (try not to die at the cuteness there- wow!), and so much more.  If only I had an ounce of sewing talent, I’d give some of these a try.  And if you find yourself asking “why would anyone want to make felt food?” do check out this list of ten great reasons, by Mama’s Felt Cafe.

Have a safe and wonderful week, and enjoy this parting thought:

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8 Responses to Sunday Surf: Crafts, help with preschoolers, and a little humor.

  1. I Thought I Knew Mam

    I can't wait to check out the Richard Scarry link! We were just reading that book yesterday.
    I Thought I Knew Mam recently posted..20 Ways to Help Your Child Sleep Better

  2. Terri

    Thanks for the mention. I've been having a great time sewing felt foods and other items. Going to check the other links for more inspiration. You have my email so yes hook me up with Pinterest. I'm kinda scared though…took one look at it last week and was so hooked on all the amazing crafts!
    Terri recently posted..Cloth Diaper for a Doll

  3. Andie

    Wow, what a great blog! I am honored to be mentioned on it! Thank You. I admit I am a felt food addict but then again who isn't? Haven't delved into the world of Pintrest yet but it's on my to do list. :)

    ~Andie American Felt and Craft

  4. Shannon

    The first link seems to be broken.
    Shannon recently posted..It’s too bad I already posted my {This Moment} for the week

  5. The Creative Crafts

    I love that way! Thank you friend a whole lot for posting it! I personally usually love obtaining brand-new hobby ideas

  6. Katherine

    Thanks so much for linking my tutorial, and I really enjoyed reading the Richard Scary side by side comparison! I've been wondering about the revisions that I'd heard about, but never seen the original.
    Katherine recently posted..Twig Chair Tutorial

  7. Abegail

    Thanks for posting your day.. I'll be back for more..
    Abegail recently posted..Dominos pizza menu

  8. Attorneys

    Thank you for this useful post.

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