That post where I get all sappy


Merry Christmas Eve! Or as we call it around here:

Jack’s birthday.

Happy third birthday to my little guy, my “best friend,” my hugger, snuggler, train-loving, Daddy-chasing, hide and go seeking, wild and sweet boy.

We’ll spend Jack’s birthday celebrating a favorite tradition: watching White Christmas together as a family because that is the movie that we were watching when Jack entered the world three years ago. He was born while Bing was singing. What a treasured memory.

I’ve never experience so many smiles, laughs and hugs. Every day is full of something new and beautiful.

I’m so grateful for this wonderful little family of mine.

And, of course, because this post would be incomplete without a few photos, indulge me – won’t you?

Brand new. (And getting all that beautiful hair combed)

On his first birthday

Second birthday (toy-a-palooza!)

And today, we’ll celebrate the big “3.”  Happy birthday, baby boy.

And Merry Christmas, everyone!


The Monkey Butt Family – Jenn, Dan, Jack, six chickens and one parrot

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  1. Jupiter

    Happy birthday to him! And Merry Christmas to all of you :-)
    Jupiter recently posted..[Soundtrack] I really like Christmas …though I’m not expecting a visit from Jesus

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