Ready, Set, Go! Hello Mornings Winter 2013 Begins


It’s here, it’s here!  The Hello Mornings Winter 2013 challenge has begun!

(If you missed my previous posts on Hello Mornings, it is an online Bible study group based on Facebook and Twitter.  The purpose of Hello Mornings is to get up early every day to spend some time with God through study or prayer.  I did the last Hello Mornings study in 2012 and loved it.)

Morning comes early around here during the week.  I have to be out the door by about 6:45 a.m. to miss the traffic rush hour and get to work on time, and before I can do that at a bare minimum I have to get myself dressed and ready, get Jack dressed and ready, and feed and water the chickens.  The Hello Mornings studies definitely add another dimension to my morning schedule, but through some careful planning I’ve made my mornings more than manageable.  In fact, I’ve really started to enjoy my morning “quiet time.”  It helps center me for a busy day.

Prep work

Every night before bed I make sure that I have certain things prepped for the following morning.  I lay out my work clothes and pack my gym bag.  I lay out Jack’s clothes for him.  I make sure that the food I’m going to take to work for my lunch is prepped and ready to grab and go.  And for my Hello Mornings study, I make sure I have a section of the dining room table completely cleared off (with a preschooler in the house, there’s always some kind of project on our table – usually Legos, or trains), I set my Bible and my Hello Mornings binder out, I make sure I have a working pen, and I select a coffee cup and put it in the ready position on the Keurig.  Having that coffee cup ready is more of a mental thing than an actual time-saver, but it works for me.

I also make sure that my sink is shining and all of my dishes are clean and put away.  I get a wonderful mental boost when I start my day in a clean kitchen.

Buzz!  Buzz!

My alarm goes off at 5:00 a.m.  I always allow myself one tap on the snooze bar, but I think as a part of this challenge I’ll try to wean myself off of that.  I get up, make my coffee and fix a little breakfast – usually an egg or broiled grapefruit.  I sit down with my Bible study, my breakfast and my coffee.  I do my reading, write some notes, and spend some time contemplating the lesson of the day.  It is a peaceful time for me – the house is quiet and I have the time to myself.  It feels good.

If things are going well, I also like to get up and move around a little bit to start my day.  As a yoga practitioner, sun salutations or a similar awakening, invigorating set of stretches are my favorites.  I spend my days sitting at a desk so whatever movement I can get in during the day is welcome.

If all is going as planned, it is just about six a.m. by the time I finish my study and yoga, and it is time to get dressed, wake my son, and bring him breakfast.  I’ve had an hour of time to myself and it makes such a difference in my days and my attitude.  By the time 6:45 rolls around, I feel like I’ve accomplished the things I need to get done and I can leave my home knowing that my day has started off well.

I’m ready for this Hello Mornings challenge – bring on 5 a.m.!

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2 Responses to Ready, Set, Go! Hello Mornings Winter 2013 Begins

  1. ohAmanda

    I love it!! Such simple steps that make a big difference! I need to be better about setting things up for myself the night before. :)

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  2. Susannah

    I love the idea of a long morning quiet time but there’s no way my body would let me do it. I had to get up at six last year for work and it just about killed me.

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