Eggs, eggs, eggs! Twenty recipes that use a LOT of eggs


We have a lot of eggs.  A LOT of eggs.  We only have six chickens, but they are seriously prolific.  We get about 5-6 eggs a day, every single day.

I’m not complaining.  I love eggs.

But if we aren’t diligent about our egg consumption, we can get a pretty massive egg backlog in a hurry.  What can you do with a lot of eggs?

Plenty.  Here are 20 great recipes that use a bunch of eggs:

Angel food cake requires a whopping 12 egg whites.

These Dutch Apple Pancakes require 4 eggs each (and they are amazing).

Pound cake takes five eggs.

Even better than pound cake?  Coconut cream pound cake.

Deviled eggs are always fun.  This recipe is excellent, and for extra awesome points use homemade mayo (made with some of your eggs, of course!)

I didn’t realize that homemade ice cream required eggs.

Speaking of dessert, how do Portuguese custard tarts sound?  That’s one I haven’t tried, but the recipe sounds incredible.  Six eggs in that recipe.

Egg bread is not only tasty, but a loaf of braided egg bread is really beautiful.  Six eggs, plus one to glaze.

My personal favorite:  I just call it “breakfast.”  A bunch of eggs scrambled up with some crumbled bacon, sauteed spinach, green peppers, onions, and whatever other random veggies I can find.  And cheese.  Of course there’s cheese.

Quiches are an obvious choice, and this list of ten quiche recipes has lots of great options.

Someone braver than I am will have to report back on this Eggs Benedict Bread Pudding.   That has to be someone’s cup of tea, but it is definitely not mine.

You can make your own egg noodles.  Who doesn’t love big, fat egg noodles?

For the grain-conscious, a good coconut flour pancake recipe that uses four eggs is a wonderful option.

Of course, you could just hard boil a dozen and leave them in the fridge for some quick snacks.  Because our fridge is often home to a lot of eggs, I mark our hard boiled eggs with a big “H” so that we don’t confuse them with the raw eggs.

Spinach Pom Poms not only sound like a great recipe, but they have a cute name too.  The linked recipe even says you can freeze them.

Some breakfast pockets that are way tastier than anything you’ll find in the freezer aisle of the grocery store.

Frittatas are a great way to go through some eggs.  This recipe is a winner.

Emeril’s recipe for creme brulee sounds fantastic, but I am not skilled enough to make it.  But, if anyone wants to try it, I’ll supply some eggs.  You’ll just have to share your creme brulee with me.  Deal?

And last, but certainly not least, good ol’ egg salad never disappoints.

Happy eating!

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  1. Bianca

    Yum! I’d love to start keeping chickens. Perhaps with over abundance you can make some cash on the side (even to simply cover feed costs). My husband as a coworker who has several work friends on egg rotation – she has about a dozen extra eggs each week so about once a month each friend gets a dozen eggs.
    Bianca recently posted..Brighten Whites Using the Sun

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