Helpful Fundraising Tips

Some nonprofit organizations and individuals need more effective ways to raise money for their cause. Here are some fundraising tips that will ensure the effectiveness of your campaign:

1. Set a Fundraising Goal

It will always help you if you have something to aim for. To motivate themselves and their donors, some charities and individuals set their fundraising goal really high. You usually set your goal upon initiation of your campaign, but you can increase your goal as the donations come in.

2. Create a List

Make a list of potential donors, such as family members, friends, co-workers, etc. Think out of the box. You may also consider doctors, sports club members, neighbors, etc. who may be able to help you.

Dont be afraid to ask anyone, so just make as big of a list as you can. Add everyone that crosses your mind.

3. Send Personal, Hand-Written Letters

Sending emails is faster and can render quick results, but traditional hand-written letters add a personal touch. Consider sending your requests this way and if possible, deliver them in person.

Your friends arent likely to ignore your hand-written letters, but even the ones closest to you can easily forget or ignore your email. If you dont get an answer, you can follow-up through email.

4. Use Online Fundraising Platforms

Fundraising websites can help you get organized with your fundraising efforts. An example of this is Crowdrise, one of the online fundraising platforms with the best system. Crowdrise has separate categories for a variety of causes, such as education and animal welfare. It also divides nonprofit organizations by method of fundraising, such as celebrity-supported campaigns, and walk/run events.

5. Remember Your Motivation

Remember the reason youre supporting a certain cause. Channel that energy into your fundraising efforts.

As you set your fundraising goals and send out requests to everyone, you may want to include a personal message relating why the cause is important to you. The more personal it is to you, the better chances you have of getting help.

6. Make It Personal

Its as simple as this: people will help you because youre asking them to. You can inform them why youre supporting your cause through your letters, emails, and your fundraising website.

Moreover, make sure you ask everyone you know that you see in person to donate. Some of the best opportunities to open up to them in person are at church, family reunions, and dinner parties. They may find it hard to say no if you talk to them personally.

7. Send Thank You Notes

Dont forget to thank everyone who supported you. Write them personal notes, thank them in person, or send emails.