There Is Actually A Michael Buble Tribute Act

I am probably one of the biggest music fans in the history of mankind. I listen to everything from classic country to modern rap and everything in between. This is why music trivia games are my favorite. Over the course of playing, I have come across plenty of music from Michael Buble.

I do not have anything against the guy, but I am not sure what people love about him. While his music is not the worst, I cannot imagine why anyone would put him on their short list of artists to listen to. The thing that makes it even funnier is the fact that there is a guy out there who is considered one of, if not the, best Michael Buble tribute act in the industry!

When I first heard this, I was shocked that a guy who seems as generic as Buble could actually have someone willing to go around sounding like him. I figured the guy who sings the tributes must be some superfan who has nothing better to do than try to make a living off the fame of someone else. After doing a little research, I have to admit that I am wrong.

The crazy thing is that the #1 tribute act in the country is actually famous in his own right. This means that he would actually have a following even if he did not spend his time sounding like Buble. On top of that, people all over are paying big money for this guy to sing at weddings and other events. I guess I would probably do the same thing if I had a voice that people could love.

I think the fact that so many people probably want Michael Buble at their wedding and they cannot afford him makes this guy more popular than ever. I suppose this reason alone is more than enough for me to give him a bit of respect. While he is not the real thing, he is probably as close as most of these people are ever going to get in their lifetimes.

While I am no huge fan of tribute artists, I have a newfound respect for the people that do that type of things. Again, if I had a good singing voice, I would probably try my luck and head out there to see if I could use it to my advantage.