Top 3 Tools That Every Traveler Needs

Travelling is a complex thing. There are many logistics involved, from packing and booking, to adapting to emergencies.

If you’re travelling frequently, then you must optimize your trips ad plan accordingly. You need tools for easy planning, and a smooth travel experience.

This is something we’ll help you with. Below, we’ll mention 3 tools that every traveler needs.

(1) A Large Backpack

You’ll need this for casual travels, but not necessarily business ones.

Your backpack should be large. In it are all the items you need on-hand.

Those items include your money, passport, and documentation. And they also include food, water, and gadgets like laptops and phones.


They’re necessary for diverse storage.

For example, you can’t store water and your gadgets in the same spot. You need different locations for those…

And carrying around more than 1-hand bag is inconvenient.

So be sure to look for bags that have different storage units. And make sure they’re insulated from one another.

(2) Digital Map

You’ll need this on your phone.

With a digital map, you can use a GPS system to know your location at all times. And you can quickly search for locations you must get to fast.

Including your booked hotel, superstores, and places you want to visit.

Saves Trouble Asking for Directions.

This is problematic, specifically in countries where people don’t speak English well.

If you travel a lot, you most likely don’t know the native language of the place you’re in. And so asking for directions isn’t an option.

Instead, save yourself the trouble. Download an app that uses GPS to determine your location, and where you want to go!

(3) A Smart Travel Agent

You’ll need one during your research phase.

You probably haven’t heard of those before. So we’ll take the time to explain what they are:

A smart travel agent is a computer travel agent. It’s a system that analyzes your personality, through your actions and keywords you use online.

After determining your personality traits, it then provides you travel agent services that suit you!

Those include hotels and accommodations options that suit your personality. Also, you can try activities that are of interest to people of your temperament.

The suggestions are organized and presented to you with extreme accuracy. And this helps you reduce research time when planning travels.

Not to mention, it saves you interactions with travel agents.

Multi-Variable Analysis.

The best systems use a wide combination of personality archetypes to decide who you are. They then analyze your online activities, to further refine their understanding of you.

That’s not something a human can do. In fact, most of your problems with normal agents are related to communicating your needs! Most travel agents simple don’t have the specialized databases and expert systems to match you with accommodation and travel options that complement your character. In fact categorizing resort, hotels and villas by persona is only done by apps and smart system that specializing in personality matching.

With a smart travel apps, this is rarely an issue. The analysis is done automatically, and in intelligent ways never imagined before.

Why Haven’t I Heard of This System Before?

Because it’s a new trend in the travel industry.

There are a few companies right now that are pushing forward the trend of Artificial Intelligent Assisted smart travel systems. Technology for this has been pioneered by 3 leading companies and the concept and examples are discussed on the VistaTyping Website: See site for full details.

The leaders of the pack are paving the way for a much more efficient and personalized travel experience. Consider them the pioneers of this industry changing technology.

It’s a technology that’ll save you stress planning your travels. In addition to being fun, and hyperefficient.

Finding about those companies is easy. To do so, check out Visa Typing. This is one of the best resource websites for travelers!

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