Uk Holiday Destinations With Amazing Sea Views

The United Kingdom or UK is one of the top travel destinations when it comes to amazing sea views. Its regions are blessed with numerous seaside towns that offer different experiences. For British and many European nationalities, spending days out with spade and bucket at hand at the seaside is a tradition that they are keeping and enjoying up to this day. This is probably one of the reasons why many people from other continents have Europe as one of their must-travel destinations in their lists.

To complement the stunning sea views at locations throughout the UK, there are some amazing sea view holiday cottages where you can relax in comfort and take in the beauty of the surroundings. If youre planning to visit UK during one of the upcoming holidays, you may want to consider the following destinations that offer undeniably beautiful sea views.

Folkestone, Kent

Folkestone is retro resort that is now one of the English Channels trendy seaside towns. Its continuously becoming popular as one of the top holiday destinations in the UK. You can enjoy the sea and its view through long walks or just sitting in one of the cafes or food establishments. While enjoying the view and the air, you can grab the opportunity to shop from independent retailers, visit any of the pop-up galleries, taste one of the baristas authentic coffee, savour a mouth-watering ice cream as you walk along Sunny Sands beach, or take a long stroll at The Leas cliff-top promenade.

Mousehole, Cornwall

A picturesque hamlet, Mousehole is able to maintain its charm as the years pass by. It is the UKs loveliest village according to Dylan Thomas who is a Welsh poet. Your attention can be easily drawn to the fishermens cottages that have a striking look because of their yellow tint. They complete the scenic view of the place because they are huddled together and not separated by wide spaces. Its particularly lovely to take long and slow strolls along the breakwaters, which offer protection to the harbour.

Gullane, East Lothian

Another holiday destination that has been gaining popularity, Gullane once became known as a village for commuters, which is particularly true for those who live in Edinburgh. If you love golf, then you will definitely get impressed with the Muirfield and other golf courses in the area. There are also vistas that will surely get your attention. Aside from these, Gullane is also trendy because of the natural cove that is surrounded with untouched greenery and dunes. The cove is also home to rare wildlife that will definitely make your stay more meaningful and unforgettable.

Lossiemouth, Moray

Seeing beautiful cottages and other buildings in front of the sea is definitely a great and stress-relieving experience. But if you want an unspoiled shores and wilder surroundings, then you must highly consider Lossiemouth. It is located on Highlands tip and, thus, offers milder temperatures. Its also known as a great place for sailing and other water sports. Because the place is not crowded with both humans and buildings, you can move more freely and really get lost while enjoying anything that you do.

Aside from these, the other UK destinations with beautiful sea views you may consider are Fowey, Penzance and Looe in Cornwall.