Guyana: A Wonderful Fusion

Guyana is a rising ecotourism hotspot. This South American pride is a wonderful, densely-forested country with around 80% virgin rainforest. Although it has been overlooked by travelers having been situated near more popular tourist destinations like Brazil and Venezuela, its location has rather been strategic to invite travelers who crave for perfect adventure spots.

Situated in north-eastern South America, Guyana sits as the third smallest country in this continent. Guyana is not that well-known compared to other countries within the continent but needless to say it has one of the most treasured and preserved culture and environment.

This country is full of natural and wildlife wonders. It is the home of the tallest single-drop waterfall in the world with the name of Kaieteur Falls. Its pristine environment continues to support wildlife such as jaguars, birds of a wide variety, frogs, snakes and of course, monkeys. The top destinations for Guyana include the Kanuku Mountains, Shell Beach, the Rupununi Savannah and the Kaieteur National Park.

There is more to this country than just natural beauty. Guyana is easily a fusion of the Caribbean and South America exemplified in its territorial area almost the same size as Britain. Given that size of land, it can truly cater to more tourists apart from its small wave of vacationers at around three thousand per year. People are accommodated by a wide range of locals like Africans, Indians, Chinese, Amerindians, Europeans, etc. This was the result of prior colonization by the Dutch, the British and the French.

Differences turned into a treasure as these cultures led to an interesting mix of religion and cuisine. The influences from the aforementioned history of colonization can be seen in Guyana through the sights and buildings embraced therein especially within its capital, Georgetown. This town is filled with magnificent cathedrals, buildings, museums, and gardens. There are also a lot of stalls, shops for handicrafts and food carts in this capitals streets. When visiting Georgetown, tourists can purchase various locally made products such as purses, wallets, jewelry, hats, and dyed fabrics in the famous Stabroek Market.

With a lot of influences, food can be a mixture. However, the most dominant therein is the Indian cuisine duly localized over the years. In line with this, there will be many curries in chicken, pork or beef. Tourists should give Guyanas national dish, pepperpot, a shot. Although it is traditionally served during special occasions, there are restaurants which offer the recipe all year round.

When it comes to accommodation, there are only a few hostels and little to no luxurious hotels. There are, however, lodges and guest houses around the country. To have a genuine experience of the locality, a tourist may opt to stay in community lodges which may be offered by the locals like the Amerindian tribes. If so, a traveler can have a first-hand encounter with local village life as if it were an immersion trip. Be one of the first to visit this hidden paradise. Grab the opportunity of being one of a few to tell stories about Guyana before it gains popularity among travelers.