Witnessing The Great Migration In Tanzania

Seeing wild creatures in their natural habitat is one of the top reasons for tourists to go to Africa. While the big ones like the elephants and the giraffes and the wild cats like the lions are normally the most popular, you should never miss out on seeing the Great Migration.

This is a natural phenomenon that is also one of the great natural wonders of the world. Imagine seeing the migration of 1.4 million wildebeest, as well as hundreds of thousands of zebra in the Serengeti where they give birth to the next generation of wildlife. When the rains end, they will slowly travel west, alongside the river to get to Masai Mara in Kenya.

When summertime comes, they arrive in Kenya, risking their lives crossing rivers full of crocodiles. The herd moves back to the Serengeti at the end of fall and winter, where the rains come and this unending cycle starts again. As the animals move during the year, following where the food and water sources are, tourists are rewarded with wonderful views of these animals outside of zoo fences.

What To See

The most common animals to see in the Great Migration are the wildebeest that form an unlikely bond with the zebra. Together they create a mutually beneficial relationship, with the zebra eating longer grass so the wildebeest can eat the shorter ones. Zebra also remember the way and watch for predators. On the other hand, the wildebeest know where the water is as they can sense it even from far away.

Other than this friendly pair, other interesting animals are also to be seen, including the gazelle and depending on where you go, you might also find some of the big animals like elephants, as well as the big cats like cheetah and leopard.

The Best Way To See Them

The most common way to see is them is of course through a tour in a truck. Expert guides know where to go and are also eager and knowledgeable to guide their visitors. By truck, you can explore the national parks all over Tanzania. However, if you want to splurge a little on this trip of a lifetime, then the best way to see the Great Migration is by taking a hot air balloon ride. Getting a bird’s eye view, you will realize the scale of the migration and the more than a million animals following their instinct to find food and survive.

Planning Your Trip

Your trip to the safari does not have to be a rough experience, as camps, lodges and even luxury accommodations can be arranged even in the remote areas of Tanzania. While there are mobile tents for those who want to move along with the Great Migration, staying in a permanent camp might be more comfortable. There is also the Four Seasons Serengeti where you can stay in without being too far away from the wildlife.

While the typical safari experience to see the giraffes and lions are a must when visiting Tanzania, there is a different kind of awe when seeing the Great Migration with your own eyes. Combine both for a unique wildlife experience.