The Best Mountaintop Hotels With A View Of The World Below

There are hotels that are built to compete with the heavens, puncturing the sky like some needle piercing through the atmosphere. While they try to reach the heavens above, mountaintop hotels and accommodations are already at the top of the world. If you really want a very different view of the world below you, then you need to check-in at any of these fabulous mountaintop hotels.

Wildflower Hall

High up in the Himalayas where the planets highest mountain peaks reside is Wildflower Hall, a hotel that is so close to the roof of the world that the first things that will greet you in the morning are the clouds sent from the heavens, seemingly just a few meters above your head. The surrounding forests are free to be explored although youd be forgiven for simply basking in the sun on the hotels decks while seeing the worlds natural beauty unfold right before your eyes. Holistic treatments amidst majestic cedars can complete your heavenly stay in this Himalayan mountaintop resort near Shimla in India. It truly is an amazing experience walking on clouds with the floor of the earth looking up to you.

The Rocks at Capel Curig

This budget hotel is located in the heart of Snowdonia National Park in Wales, offering access to the trails and mountain walks in the countryside. This is a fun and friendly place to stay where dogs and pets are as welcome as humans. This makes it a great place to stay when travelling around the UK with your dog. They also have a great dog friendly restaurant and a kitchen where you can cook your own meals. See this guide for more ideas on pet friendly destinations. While in the area make a pilgrimage to Mount Snowdon – either on foot or the old cable railway – for unrivalled views from one of Britain’s highest peaks.

St. Regis Lhasa Resort

Who would have thought that heaven can be found in the mountains of Tibet? Well, if you believe in Tibetan monks, then you know that a stay at the St. Regis Lhasa Resort is both invigorating as it is spiritually enlightening. It is already near the roof of the world, Mt. Everest, so you can actually request the resorts chauffeur to drive you there. You can also try visiting the Tashilunpo Monastery and be blessed by the 6 centuries-worth of spiritual energy emanating from its walls. The Yunbulakang also beckons your presence, giving you a rare taste of what its like to live in an ancient Tibetan palace. Of course, Polata Palace will always greet you every morning or whenever you take a dip at the Golden Energy Pool.

Salto Chico Lodge

Forming the southernmost region of the Himalayas of South America, the Andes, the Chilean side of Patagonia is home to one of the most beautiful and truly stunning mountaintop hotels on the planet. Carefully engineered to stand guard over the Salto Chico waterfalls, the Salto Chico Lodge is the perfect home away from home that gives you an Instagrammable view of the mountains of the Paine Massif range as well as the lush greens blanketing the Torres del Paine National Park. If you want to experience the life of Patagonias gaucho culture including shearing sheep, training horses, and driving livestock, among others, then you can take a ride to Estancia 2 de Enero or have the lodges transportation service take you there. You can even take one of their 26 horses and go horseback-riding, exploring this little piece of heaven high up in the Andes.

The experiences you get from these mountaintop hotels can never be matched by towering skyscrapers in large cities. The scenery is breathtaking and, since youre a lot closer to the heavens, gives you that sense of peaceful spirituality we all yearn for.