Pamper Your Pet At The Worlds 3 Best Pet-friendly Hotels

Pet parents are often faced with the dilemma of having to leave their beloved animals back at home while they are having the time of their lives in some fancy holiday destination. If you feel guilty about leaving your pets behind, you no longer have to since were giving you three of the worlds best pet-friendly hotels where your furry friend will surely have the best days of its existence.

These are just three suggestions for dog friendly places to stay.

There are loads of other venues worldwide where you can pamper your pets. Top travel destinations for dog lovers include South Africa (see this guide), France, Argentina and Italy. But without further ado, here is our pick of top pet-friendly hotels.

Le Meurice in Paris

The story of how the Le Meurice became a pet-friendly hotel can move anyone who hears it to tears. It is said that the workers who were building the hotel way back in 1907 adopted a dog that turned the construction site as its home. When the hotel was completed, the management took the dog as the hotels mascot and provided the inspiration to the design of the hotels emblem. Today, four-legged guests receive a dog basket plus a very personalized name tag. Pooches also get their very own menu. For a more personalized experience, you can book in advance and the hotel will have a customized food bowl with your dogs name beautifully engraved on the bowl. Your pet also get a professional dog walking service courtesy of the hotel staff where they will walk your pet at the Tuileries Garden.

Yufuin Garden Hotel in Oita

If you think relaxing in a hot spring is only for humans, think again. Located in the city of Oita in Japan is Yufuin Garden Hotel that features a one-of-a-kind hot spring dedicated solely to dogs. Your pooch will also get its very own exercise area indoors as well as an elegantly designed exercise paddock. But wait until you see the well-manicured gardens that have been specially landscaped just for dogs complete with flowing streams and fun and refreshing outdoor shower that dogs will simply love. And if you book your stay to coincide with your pets birthday, it will also get its very own birthday cake courtesy of the staff. At any rate, it will be the best canine birthday party ever as other canine guests will surely be invited.

The Boat Hotel in Aviemore

For pet parents who have dogs that really love fetching sticks as well as getting wet, you may want to consider The Boat Hotel in Scotlands Aviemore. This hotel stands at the shore of Loch Garten giving your pet all the resources at its disposal to really have the greatest time of its life. The Boat Hotel may not be as luxurious as what youd want for yourself or for your pet, but it sure has a way of making your pet feel very comfortable with its own organic treat to feast on. And if thats not enough, a door hanger is built-in so your dog can easily ring for dog-friendly room service including a pet-focused concierge and amazing dog-sitting services.

Pets, especially dogs, have as much right to enjoy the good life. With these three pet-friendly hotels, youre more than guaranteeing great times for yourself, youre strengthening your bond with your pet, too.