Traveling On A Tight Budget: Finding An Inexpensive Accommodation

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for budget-conscious travelers is getting a really inexpensive accommodation without necessarily sacrificing comfort, safety, and convenience. While different tourist destinations have their own criteria of a cheap yet quality accommodation, weve prepared some tips to help you find an inexpensive accommodation if youre traveling on a tight budget.

Book your accommodation on certain days of the week.

In case you havent noticed, even really expensive hotels will slash down their rates on certain days of the week such as Sundays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. This is because majority of their hotel guests typically book rooms on a Friday or a Saturday. Come Sunday afternoon or evening, most of these guests would already be checking out, leaving the hotel rooms unusually empty. To keep these rooms filled up, accommodations have to entice other travelers into staying with them by offering slashed-down rates, discounts, or even freebies or a combination of the three.

Consider apartments of even suites. If youre traveling as a family or even as a large group, youll have a much more economical accommodation if you choose a suite or even an apartment instead of booking several rooms in a hotel. This also have the added benefit of gathering everyone in one room for some really fun times. It is also a great option for couples who may not have any problems sharing the apartment unit with another couple or two.

Go for hostels or bed and breakfast accommodations.

If youre traveling alone or with your best buddy, you can find cheap accommodations in hostels as well as bed and breakfasts. After all, you will not be spending most of your travel adventures in a hotel as you will be most likely exploring the many sights, sounds, aromas, and flavors of the place youre going to visit. Technically you will only need a comfy bed to rest your tired body, have a warm relaxing shower, and be up and ready the following morning for additional adventures.

Consider the location of the accommodation.

This is a little bit tricky. Accommodations outside the city are generally cheaper than those in the city center. However, you have to factor in the travel time and expenses youll need to visit the different destinations from your accommodation. If it turns out that the difference is almost negligible, then you may want to just scout for the most inexpensive accommodations you can find in the city center. At least, youll be saving on both time and transportation expenses.

Look for accommodations that provide free cancellations.

Most hotels and travel accommodations charge you a fee for canceling your reservation. This is definitely not a good way to look for an inexpensive accommodation. The typical scenario is you book a really cheap accommodation. After some time, another accommodation opens up which is priced significantly lower than the one you booked. You should be able to cancel your original booking without having to pay some absurd fee.

Traveling on a tight budget? Book your accommodation wisely and youll save enough to spend more on the good times.