I had an absolutely terrifying experience tonight.

We have a little koi pond in our backyard.  It came with the house, and we maintained it nicely the first year we lived here, halfheartedly the second year, and last year we decided it did a better job of breeding mosquitoes than we’d like, and we planned to take it out this spring.  Right now, it sits filled with rainwater, leaves, and debris.

Tonight Jack was playing in the yard while we were cooking on the grill.  He was alternating between digging in the garden and playing with his trains, and as he walked by the pond for the millionth time, he tripped on a rock and fell in, head first.  I saw him start to fall and was just a few feet away so I scrambled over to him, grabbed him by the waist and pulled him out.  He was in the water less than two seconds, and when I pulled him out he was scared but breathing and okay.  Wet leaves were stuck to his head and his clothes.  His fleece shirt and Elmo hat were soaking wet.  I ran him into the house to dry him and warm him up. dripping muddy water all the way in.   He cried for a few moments and welcomed the extra snuggles before telling me “baby no swim.”

No swim, indeed.

The real upset for him began when he realized that he dropped the trains that he had been carrying into the pond.  Thankfully my husband managed to dredge them all up.  Even the battery powered talking train is in good shape.

So, bottom line:  Jack is fine.  I’m more shaken up than he was.  But that was quite a reminder:  it only takes a second for something awful to happen.

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6 Responses to Terrifying

  1. Amber P

    Less than a second. Glad he’s alright! (and you too mama!)

  2. Valerie @ Momma in Progress

    Glad everything is okay. I so feel for you right now. Water + young kids makes me nervous. We’re moving to an area where backyard pools (or ponds, or whatever) are very common, but I immediately boycotted all rental places that included them. It stresses me out. It really does only take a second.
    Valerie @ Momma in Progress recently posted..Top Ten {Tuesday}: Moving On

  3. MomEinstein

    I’m glad he’s ok! I have a very healthy fear of my toddler near water. I watch her like a hawk and get very very nervous on boats – even with a life jacket.
    MomEinstein recently posted..My Week in iPhone Photos April 1-7, 2012

  4. Kristin

    Yikes! With twins I steered clear of all water for quite awhile. Just too hard to keep a close eye on them, otherwise! Is the pond small? Any chance you could turn it into a sandbox with a cover? That would be more fun anyway!
    Kristin recently posted..Menu Plan Monday & Dairy-Free Tortilla Casserole Recipe

    • Jenn @ Monkey Butt Junction

      I like that idea! We’re actually going to turn it into a garden bed – the location is great for more gardening. We’re going to keep the shell though and I like the idea of digging another hole for it in a shadier part of the yard and using that as a sandbox.
      Jenn @ Monkey Butt Junction recently posted..Terrifying

  5. PavementRunner

    Wow. Glad everyone is ok. Water can be extremely dangerous. We have a 6 month old at home and it’s scary to think of all the dangerous obstacles around them. Thank you for the very open share.
    PavementRunner recently posted..INKnBURN Review and Giveaway

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